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Annoying Freak Games


FNF Garcello Hit: Friday Night icon
Feel the rhythm in this musical game
FNF Tricky Hit: All phases Clow icon
Evil clown it's here! Friday Night Funkin madness IT horror game
FNF Sarvente Hit: Funkin Music icon
Friday Night style with Sarv, Ruv, Selever and the Devil
FNF Classic Fire Mod: Friday Night Funkin Music Shooting Battle icon
FNF is a funny melodic game based on rhythm battles
FNF Return of Garcello Hit Mod: Best Music Battle icon
Enjoy the best music rap battle in Friday Night Funkin with Garcello
FNF Return Garcelo Fraidei Mod icon
Fire the note arrows & Feel the rhythm with BF in funkin full mod rap
Combine Motorcycles - Smash Insects (Merge Games) icon
Merge motorbikes and squash insects to earn rewards
FNF Sarvente Fire: Shot Beat icon
Funkin style with Sarv, Ruv, Selever and the Devil in God's house
Junta Motos: Mejor Juego de Fusión y Combinación icon
Tap motorcycles, merge bikes, smash bugs and generate coins