Amazon Mobile LLC


Amazon Shopping icon
Amazon's official app
Amazon Prime Video icon
Loads of movies and shows to stream
Amazon India Shopping icon
Make purchases on Amazon from India
Amazon AppStore icon
The Amazon AppStore on your Android
Amazon Alexa icon
Manage any element with Amazon's virtual assistant
Kindle icon
Read your Kindle books on your smartphone
Amazon Fire TV icon
Control your TV with Amazon and a remote control for your smartphone
Amazon MP3 icon
Listen to your Amazon music on your cellphone
Amazon Instant Video-Google icon
Access Amazon's VOD platform
Amazon for Tablets icon
The Amazon app specifically for Android tablets
Amazon Cloud Drive icon
A cloud-storage service from Amazon
Amazon Underground icon
The official app store and deals from Amazon
Amazon icon
Buy everything you want from this online store
Amazon Photos - Cloud Drive icon
Back up all your photos
Amazon Seller icon
Manage your inventory and sales from your smartphone
Amazon Shopping icon
A huge portal full of warranty items
Amazon Kindle Lite icon
Amazon's official ultralight Kindle app
Prime Now icon
Buy things from Amazon and receive them the same day!
Amazon Go icon
Amazon's very own grocery store app
Amazon Shopper Panel icon
Get rewards for sharing receipts from your purchases
Amazon Chime icon
The Amazon online meetings app
Internet: fast, lite, and private icon
The lightweight and private browser from Amazon
FreeTime icon
Books, videos and apps in a kid-friendly environment
Amazon Halo icon
Check the data on your activity bracelet
Amazon BuyVIP icon
Get the best offers available on Amazon
GameOn icon
Amazon's own mobile gameplay social network
Amazon Local icon
Buy anything on Amazon and get lots of benefits
Amazon Now icon
Save time and effort by shopping with Amazon
Storm Runners icon
Defeat every enemy that crosses your path
Amazon Chime icon
Amazon launches is official app for online meetings