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Twitter Alternatives

Discover the best of Twitter Alternatives for Android. Download them for free and virus free from Uptodown
1. TikTok icon
TikTok is a social media platform that focuses on short videos, which allows you to create and edit your own videos and then easily share...
102.6 M downloads
2. Instagram icon
Instagram is a social media platform where you can connect with a large community of users through photos and videos. You can intuitively and easily...
332.8 M downloads
3. Discord icon
Discord is a platform that offers you a virtual space to create and participate in communities and chat with your friends. With its various communication...
16.9 M downloads
4. Reddit Official App icon
The Reddit Official App is the official app of the giant Reddit, one of the largest communities of Internet users, and one of the reference...
2.9 M downloads
5. QQ icon
QQ is the official app of China's most popular social network. You'll need a QQ account to use it, which you can create from the...
3.5 M downloads
6. Threads icon
Threads is Meta's alternative to Twitter. Here, you can use your Instagram account and keep your username to participate in the community, join all kinds...
780.3 k downloads
7. Snack Video icon
Snack Video is a social media platform very similar to TikTok with which you can create and view all kinds of short videos. Through it...
10.8 M downloads
8. Tumblr icon
Tumblr is one of the world's most popular social media platforms, and this is the official app for Android operating systems. Thanks to this app...
3.6 M downloads
9. Amino icon
Amino is an enormous social network that aims to unite millions of fans from all around the world in one place. If you follow a...
4 M downloads
10. Weibo International icon
Weibo International is the official app for one of the most popular social networks in China, which combines features and functions of Twitter and Facebook...
177 k downloads

More apps from the Twitter Alternatives collection

Taimi icon
A social network for the LGTBQI+ community
Ablo icon
Make friends while you explore the world
WorldTalk icon
Chat with people from all over the world
Truth Social icon
Be part of multiple discussions in this app
TwiNote icon
A note-taking tool with the Twitter interface
Weibo icon
Share any event, information, picture, etc. ... all on this platform
SmartNews icon
Stay up-to-date on the most important current events
Periscope icon
The official streaming app for Twitter
Taringa! icon
Create real connections with different people
Koo icon
A Twitter-like app designed specifically for India and Brazil
Mastodon icon
The best alternative to Twitter on your device
Bluesky icon
A decentralized social network with AT Protocol
Feedly icon
A new way to read the news
TweetCaster icon
Comprehensive Twitter client for even the most discerning users
Socialife News icon
A huge source of topical information to stay up-to-date on everything
Plurk icon
The social media for weirdos!
HIVE icon
Join this ever-growing social network
Minds icon
News and chat, all in one app
Twidere for Twitter icon
Customizable and open-source Twitter client
My Diaspora icon
A dating app for finding a Muslim man or woman
Vero icon
A social network that securely shares your content
Powder icon
Gust Vision Inc.
Picnic icon
Connect with other people based on your likes and interests
Fritter icon
Jonjo McKay
Banjo icon
All of your social networking sites joined together
Taptu icon
The all-encompassing RSS reader
Buffer icon
Schedule your social media posts for specific times
Diaspora Webclient icon
Enjoy streams and share messages with this client
Tusky for Mastodon icon
A Mastodon social network client
Subway Tooter icon
A Mastodon client to replace Twitter
Frog icon
Frog Social Inc.
Drakkle icon
An alternative to Twitter where you can speak your mind
Spoutible icon
This innovative social network offers an alternative to Twitter
Cohost icon
A microblogging platform that rejects algorithms