Top downloads

Amazon Prime Video icon
Lots of streaming movies and series
Opera Browser icon
The Opera browser, now fully functional on your Android device
PlayStation App icon
The official PlayStation app
Kodi icon
A multimedia center for your mobile device
Meesho icon
A super easy way to purchase and sell all kinds of items
Discord icon
A fantastic communication tool for gamers
Wifi Password Hacker icon
Pretend you can hack into any WiFi network
Brave Browser icon
A fully featured, yet lightweight browser with adblock
Phoenix Browser icon
A customizable and complete way to browse the internet
Vegas Crime Simulator icon
Try not to get caught breaking the law!
Google App icon
The best search engine on the internet
StarMaker icon
Sing like a superstar for a day with this karaoke app
MyJio icon
The perfect app for managing your Jio account
Craftsman icon
Explore an island and craft anything you can imagine
Google Meet icon
Arrange high definition video calls
Blockman GO icon
Several online minigames with a voxel look
U-Dictionary icon
An 'offline' dictionary for more than 30 languages
BeautyPlus - Magical Camera icon
Apply beautiful effects to your photos
Files by Google icon
An official smartphone file manager developed at Google
Microsoft Word icon
Official Microsoft Word app for Android
VSCO icon
Get the most out of the photos you take with your Android
Scary Teacher 3D icon
Escape the terrifying teacher!
Grindr icon
Find other men near you
Call of Duty: Mobile (Garena) icon
The king of FPS puts its ironsights on South Asia
Terraria icon
The world of Terraria is now on Android
PUBG: New State icon
PUBG Mobile makes the leap to the new generation
Tachiyomi icon
Enjoy reading the best manga from your Android
Popcorn Time icon
A comfortable way to watch movies and series online
Game for Peace icon
An official chinese version of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS
WPS Office icon
A complete office suite, right on your smartphone
Granny icon
Escape in five days ... or else
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