Samsung Clipboard edge icon
A useful clipboard for copying any information in a second
Samsung Internet Beta icon
Get the browse engine designed for Samsung
Crosswalk Project Runtime icon
Crucial app for playing some games
Hiya Service icon
A Samsung app that notifies you if a call is spam
Mint Keyboard icon
A great keyboard with the Xiaomi quality seal
Bixby Vision icon
Use Bixby to search with images
SpeedVPN icon
Improve the speed of your VPN network
YoWindow icon
The loveliest way to check the weather on your Android
Who touched my phone? icon
Keep third parties away from your phone
SlowDNS icon
Protect your privacy online with this VPN
Atom Store icon
Change your smartphone's interface and make all your friends jealous
AI Call Assistant icon
Call assistant for your Xiaomi
BlockLauncher icon
The best way to apply textures and mods on Minecraft
OnePlus Oxygen Icon Pack icon
An icon pack for your OnePlus device
Yalp Store icon
Download any of Google Play's APKs
Decoration Text Keyboard icon
Change the look of your keyboard and fonts as desired
Market Helper icon
Change your Android model with a single touch
Huawei Themes icon
Customize your Huawei however you like
NoCard VPN icon
A secure and quick proxy to surf the Net
Opera Touch icon
A browser that follows you wherever you go
Card Package icon
Store your credit cards on your OnePlus
Start icon
An Android launcher full of possibilities
APKGrabber icon
Keep your apps updated
NetGuard icon
A sturdy firewall for Android
HiLink icon
File management and notification options with Huawei
Xiaomi service framework icon
A system app for your Xiaomi
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