Limpiador Fácil de Caché icon
Get rid of files and programs that are slowing your device down
Hideninja Free VPN icon
Change your VPN on your Android
Anti theft alarm icon
Keep thieves away from your phone with a loud alarm
Antivirus y Seguridad Móvil icon
A complete antivirus suite on your cellphone
App Lock icon
Lock your smartphone with this alternative app
RAM Master - Memory Optimizer icon
Clearn your Android smartphone and optimize the RAM
Hide Files - Andrognito icon
Hide any file on your Android
Cooler Master CPU Cooler icon
Control your device's temperature
AppLock Master icon
Put any app under lock and key
Limpiador icon
Optimize your device by getting rid of useless processes and files
Fast Cleaner icon
Deep-clean your Android device
Clueful Privacy Advisor icon
Are the applications you install truly secure?
Applocker icon
Block access to any application
Total Antivirus Defender icon
A powerful shield to protect your device from any threat
Charge It : Charge up your device icon
Control when you charge your smartphone
MAX Security Lite icon
Get rid of harmful viruses on your smartphone
Super Cleaner icon
Clean up your smartphone with this app
Sensei Booster icon
An all-in-one app that keeps your device running as good as new
Keepass2Android Offline icon
A powerful and safe password manager
Battery Saver icon
What are you waiting for? Start saving your battery NOW!
Parental Control SecureKids icon
Control your kids internet activity with this simple app
Stopbadapp icon
Remove all the malware from your Android
GreenPower Free icon
Add hours to your Android's battery life
Keerby Adaware icon
Get rid of ads, spam, and any malware that finds you
Koodous icon
Find malicious apps on your Android
PICmicro Database icon
Detailed information about microprocessors created by Microchip
Z Boost icon
Speed up your device and get rid of rubbish
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