Schedules and Calendars

Mi Calendar icon
The official calendar app from Xiaomi
Microsoft To-Do icon
Easy-to-use task list app
Jarvis icon
A personal assistant that's packed with features for your Android
TickTick icon
A comprehensive and elegant to-do list app
Hindu Calendar icon
A Hindu calendar with all related events
Business Calendar 2 icon
A comprehensive calendar so you won't forget any events
Asana icon
A simple way to manage your projects
The Day Before icon
Calculate the number of days, hours, or minutes until a specific event
HTC Calendar icon
Don't miss a beat with this calendar agenda
Jorte icon
Personal and professional jotter for hundreds of uses
Lark - Office Suite icon
An easy way to manage your remote working environment
Wunderlist icon
An excellent way to organize your to-do list
DigiCal icon
Build your personal calendar with tons of customizations
Memorigi icon
Get organized to grow on a professional and personal level.