Caves Roguelike icon
Excellent roguelike that's full of mazes and skeletons
Shattered Pixel Dungeon icon
A retro-looking roguelike set in dungeons
Pocket Rogues icon
An action-packed roguelike
Night of the Full Moon icon
A roguelike with a card-based combat system
Darkness Survival icon
No one survives the depths of this dungeon
Dimension of Dreams icon
Roguelike card game set in a fantasy world
Pathos: Nethack Codex icon
A 'roguelike' with the soul of Nethack
NetHack icon
The classic NetHack, now adapted to Android
Angband icon
The best Angband adaptation for Android
The Greedy Cave 2 icon
Enter the dark world of Basatan
Ananias Mobile Roguelike icon
Descend into the depths of a dungeon with your cat
Runestone Keeper icon
Explore dungeons like you're playing minesweeper
Occidental Heroes icon
Explore a world full of dangerous adventures