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Here're our top best Roguelike games for Android
1. Dumb Ways to Survive NETFLIX icon
Dumb Ways to Survive NETFLIX is the Android sequel to this well-known video game saga that began its successful run with Dumb Ways to Die...
4.6 k downloads
2. Shattered Pixel Dungeon icon
Shattered Pixel Dungeon is one of the best Pixel Dungeon variants you can find for Android. 'What is Pixel Dungeon?' some clueless gamer may ask...
96.1 k downloads
3. Pixel Dungeon icon
Pixel Dungeon is a traditional roguelike where players have to choose a character from among the four available classes, and try to get as far...
56.7 k downloads
4. Peglin icon
Peglin is, in the words of its own developers, a pachinko roguelike in which you fight against tons of enemies through gameplay that's very similar...
2.2 k downloads
5. Darkness Survival icon
Darkness Survival is a 'roguelike' set in isometric perspective where players descend into the darkness of a dungeon plagued with monsters and other dangers. As...
27.4 k downloads
6. Hoplite icon
Hoplite is a roguelike with a very traditional look, though it has some twists beyond the typical roguelike gameplay, ultimately providing a really fresh and...
22.7 k downloads
7. Ananias Mobile Roguelike icon
Ananias Mobile Roguelike is, as its name indicates, a 'roguelike' that combines traditional elements from the genre with a slightly modernized interface that lets you...
34.3 k downloads
8. Occidental Heroes icon
Join a company of heroes and wander all over the world in Occidental Heroes (previously Adventuring League Retro RPG), a rougelike game with exploratory elements...
12.6 k downloads
9. Shadow Survival icon
Dive into the captivating world of Shadow Survival, an enthralling survival game that combines a charming chibi art style with the rush of an action-packed...
1.4 k downloads
10. Night of Full Moon icon
Night of Full Moon is a roguelike with a card-based combat system. In fact, even the story itself is based on these cards. This way...
32.4 k downloads

More games from the Roguelike collection

The Greedy Cave 2 icon
Dive into the dark world of Basatan
ENYO icon
A tactical roguelike where you need to use your head
Get revenge in this challenging roguelike game
Survivor Z icon
Destroy all the zombies to survive
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead icon
A roguelike set in a post-apocalyptic world
Rogue Adventure icon
Fatten up your deck to smite your enemies
Lonely Survivor icon
Defeat enemies to increase your power
Slice & Dice icon
A roguelike with dungeons, monsters and dice
Caves Roguelike icon
Make your way through dangerous dungeons with your pickaxe
Pocket Rogues icon
A roguelite full of dungeons and monsters
Project Clean Earth icon
Roguelike Hack'n Slash adventure in a post-apocalyptic world
Mount and Magic icon
Endless Wander icon
First Pick Studios
NetHack icon
The classic NetHack, now adapted to Android
Pathos: Nethack Codex icon
A 'roguelike' with the soul of Nethack
Legendary Adventure icon
Embark on an epic adventure full of treasure
Greedy Wizards icon
Dive into this co-op roguelike
Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds icon
Destroy all kinds of monsters with your friends
Immortal Prince icon
Save the Kingdom of Dortmouth from the undead
Undervault icon
An original roguelike with turn-based combats
Sil icon
Planet Rush icon
Tap Swap Games
Combat Quest icon
Fault Zone: Text RPG Survival icon
A role-playing text quest in which your task is to survive
Ultra Blade icon
Intense roguelike RPG with strategic one-touch combat and endless customization
Troopers Z icon
SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd.
Earn to Die Rogue icon
Not Doppler
Arnold Rauers
WazHack icon
Tasiaker icon
An incredibly challenging tactical roguelike
OneBit Adventure icon
A fun, minimalist dungeon crawler
Angband icon
The best Angband adaptation for Android
Indies' Lies icon
Restore order in the universe with your deck of cards
Cat Alchemist icon
Pixel Chronicle icon
Runestone Keeper icon
Explore dungeons like you're playing minesweeper
Dungeon Tales icon
A roguelike Slay the Spire-style card game
Dimension of Dreams icon
Roguelike card game set in a fantasy world
Tavern Rumble - Roguelike Deck Building Game icon
A great combination of deck building rougelike and strategy
Nilia - Roguelike dungeon crawler RPG icon
Enter into dungeons full of danger and gems
The Way Home icon
Gunfire Hero icon
Loongcheer Game
Art Of War icon
John Li 2022
Pixel Legacy icon
Relic Strike icon
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