Book Creator icon
Make books with your photos, plus music and notes!
Helvetica Neue Font Style icon
Install Helvetica Neue on your smartphone
PayBox icon
Access this Georgian payment service
Dropsync icon
Synchronize files automatically between Dropbox and other devices
Business icon
All the latest financial news at your fingertips
iKamasutra Lite icon
Sex positions, tips, and games to keep the flame alive
MOL icon
App from the United Arab Emirate's Department of Labor
OpenDocument Reader icon
View and modify OpenOffice files in Android
iZettle icon
Transform your phone into a mobile payment receiving device
All Languages Translator icon
Translate to any language with voice, text, or images
Boost eWallet icon
Say goodbye to paying in cash with this app!
Math Scanner By Photo icon
Resolve your match problems with a pic
Pokémon Smile icon
Make brushing your teeth fun with Pokémon
All Translator icon
Translate texts, sounds and pictures in a really quick and easy way
File Manager icon
This all lets you save files in folders
Machhapuchchhre Mobile Banking icon
Access your MBL bank account and enjoy its services
Tureng Dictionary icon
Thousands of words to translate between Turkish and English
Dict Box Universal icon
A dictionary and translation app for every language!
AniMaker icon
Draw and create dynamic animations!
Pomodoro icon
A time management app to help you get things done
Dara-Lite icon
Moon calendar with three display modes
Study the word of God
eService icon
For customers of the Thai cellphone company
Smart Office icon
Create any document from your Android
Ebook and PDF Reader icon
Read hundreds of books on your Android device
Robin, the Siri Challenger icon
The personal assistant for Android icon
Need to find the meaning of a word?
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