Here're our top best Ninja games for Android
Subway Ninja City icon
You're a ninja warrior and you have to run as far as possible
Superhero Iron Ninja Battle icon
Win fight after fight with this superhero
Ninja and Zombies icon
Warriors battle it out against the living dead in this epic game
Merge Ninja Star icon
Very simple and inactive battle game
Ninja Hands icon
Use your ninja skills to take down all your opponents
Ninja’s Creed icon
Use your crossbow to shoot from a distance
Ninja Battle icon
Two-player fights on a single smartphone
Naruto: Slugfest icon
The official Naruto MMORPG
Ninja Turtles: Legends icon
The Ninja Turtles on their most epic adventure yet
Ninja Hero Cats icon
The ninja cats need your help to kill the fish monsters
The speed Ninja icon
The defender of justice and the people is the fastest ninja
Ninja Saga icon
The best social ninja game
Stickman Revenge 4: Epic War icon
Take down enemies at full speed with this ninja
Shadow Fight 2 icon
Spectacular battles in feudal Japan
Ninja Star Shuriken icon
Show off your aim and strength in each mission
Blue Ninja icon
Save the city from crime with this blue ninja
Ronin: The Last Samurai icon
Samurai duels set in feudal Japan
Ninja Runner icon
Run and dodge obstacles endlessly
Yoo Ninja! Free icon
Run and dodge like a true ninja
Shadow Fight Arena icon
PvP combats in the Shadow Fight universe
Ninja Run icon
No one runs and throws shurikens faster than a ninja
Shadow Blade icon
Ninjas, platforms and a lot of blood
Devil Ninja 2 Mission icon
Ninjas, demons, werewolves, and lots of action
Dragon Ninjas icon
Ninjas and demons in a spectacular strategy game
Ninjutsu Fest icon
Multiply your ninjas to beat your opponents
Mind-blowing combat set in the world of Naruto
Shadow Master icon
Master archery and marital arts from the shadows
Scream Go Hero: Eighth Note icon
Make your character jump with your voice
The Revenge Of Shinobi icon
Lurk the streets in search of vengeance. Your alias? Joe Musashi
Battle Of Ninja icon
Linear motion battle systems in this 2D game
SAMURAI SHODOWN: The Legend of Samurai icon
Legendary adventures in the world of Samurai Shodown
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