Here're our top best MOBA games for Android
Brawl Stars icon
3-on-3 battles from the creators of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans
Pokémon UNITE icon
5v5 Pokémon battles
MARVEL Super War icon
A MOBA with Marvel characters
Lokapala icon
A spectacular 5v5 MOBA
Onmyoji Arena icon
A spectacular MOBA with the characters from Onmyoji
Mobile Legends icon
An excellent, but shameless, League of Legends clone
Legend of Ace icon
Create your best strategy in this MOBA
Heroes Arena icon
Spectacular 5v5 MOBA for Android
Arena of Valor icon
Spectacular MOBA specially designed for Android
League of Legends: Wild Rift icon
The MOBA king deploys its arsenal on Android
Vainglory icon
The most powerful MOBA on Android
Heroes Evolved: Pakistan icon
Pakistani version of this MOBA
Legend Of Kingdoms icon
A MOBA that is the stuff of legends
Awakening of Heroes icon
A MOBA with the most unique heroes
Champions Legion icon
A fun MOBA to play on any Android device
Heroes Evolved icon
A great MOBA with a great community
King of Glory icon
One of the most-played MOBAs in the world
Extraordinary Ones icon
A spectacular anime-style MOBA
Battle Rivals icon
3v3 MOBA with a variety of game modes
Heroes Strike icon
The first MOBA from 4V4 to the Brawl Stars