A carefully curated lifestyle apk collection: from cooking apps to travel and transportation
Cocina icon
Delicious recipes brought to you by Nestlé
ebookers icon
Book trips, hotels, flights, car rentals... all from one app icon
Buy and sell cars in your area
Aqualert icon
Make yourself drink more water everyday and be healthier
Veepee icon
Learn about new products and buy them in a secure way
Push Ups icon
Stretches and exercises to whip you into shape
NPR News icon
Learn what's happening around the world
Next Issue icon
All the world's best magazines from a single app
Bwom icon
Take care of your pelvic floor with specially designed exercises
Tabata timer with music icon
Have the perfect workout with this musical timer
gallery for reddit icon
Manage the images that you see and share on Reddit
Become a member of a Polish club that'll give you lots of perks
Health4Me icon
Manage your health insurance
Hemnet icon
An easy way to find that house your looking for in Sweden
Urlaubspiraten icon
Detailed information to help you plan the best vacation of your life
Decathlon icon
Don't doubt it, do your sport shopping in Decathlon
Quick and Easy Recipes icon
The app with the easiest recipes
Dr. Oetker Rezeptideen icon
Thousands of amazingly delicious recipes
PetitChef, Cooking and Recipes icon
Hundreds of thousands of recipes ready to go
Get the latest from TV5Monde!
GYM Trainer icon
No more excuses! Get in shape!
River Island icon
This online store has cool clothes for everyone
HVV icon
Check the timetables of different types of Hamburg Public Transport
Quandoo icon
Find the best restaurant and make an immediate reservation
Playboy NOW icon
The official app of Playboy magazine
Flamengo SporTV icon
Want to know everything about the Brazilian soccer club, Flamengo?
Santa Biblia para la Mujer icon
A special version of the Bible made specifically for women icon
The official app from the most visited news site in the Netherlands
Information on Belgian public transportation always at hand
World Newspapers icon
Access more than 6,000 international newspapers on your Android
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