Nighttime Speaking Clock Free icon
Check the time in the middle of the night without opening your eyes
Weight Control icon
A place to record and control your weight for the best health possible
Nature relax music icon
Find some peace of mind with this app
My Period Tracker icon
Calendar that lets you track your period in great detail
Bluelight Filter - Night mode icon
When it gets dark you can save energy by dimming your screen
10 Daily Exercises icon
The most basic physical exercises to get you in shape
Pregnancy Test icon
Answer some questions to find out if you might be pregnant
MCalendar icon
Know exactly what to expect from your menstrual cycle
Omnio icon
Essential medical encyclopedia for health professionals
Move! Bike Computer icon
Track your thrilling bike rides via GPS
Cookentials icon
Cooking has never been so easy
Brainwave Tuner Lite icon
Improve your mental state with this brain wave emitter
Effective Weight Loss Guide icon
Plan your weight loss with confidence and joy
Busca AMS icon
Protect your health with this Brazilian AMS app
Medida Certa icon
Find out how healthy and active you really are
Keep track of your outdoor exercising: altitude, speed...
RunMarathon icon
Run your next marathon in less than four hours
RunTen icon
Run 10 kilometers in under an hour
Makeup Tutorials icon
Look beautiful and feel great
Drinking Water icon
Keep track of how much water you drink per day
Ideal Weight icon
Calculate your BMI and keep your weight healthy
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