Education & Languages

Aqsad Noorani Qaida icon
An app for learning about the Quran
Speak Korean icon
The best way to learn Korean
Interview Questions for Java icon
Questions and answers about Java
Data Structure Questions Ans icon
Questions and answers about data structures
Programming with Android icon
Learn to program with Android through this comprehensive tutorial
Engineering Geology icon
High quality geology content
Concrete Technology icon
Learn everything there is to know about concrete
Microbiology icon
Everything you need to know about microbiology at your fingertips
Cell Biology icon
Master level lessons about cellular biology
Biomedical Physics icon
Important lessons on biomedical physics
Engineering Physics icon
Simple notes about engineering physics
Elements of Aeronautics icon
Basic information for aeronautics students
Actualizar Aplicaciones icon
Manage your apps and get notified when they need updating
تعليم العود icon
The perfect way to learn how to play this string instrument
Tayo Best Theme icon
The game that every kid needs to have
Bharitya Kanooni Dharaa icon
Lots of information about India in Hindi
Lideno icon
An educational management platform for high school students
Strength of Materials icon
An illustrated manual on the resistance of various materials
Translator KO-EN icon
The best way to translate between English and Korean
Learn English icon
If you speak Urdu, here's an app for learning English
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