Callgram icon
An improved version of Telegram with a free call option
Voicemail icon
Listen to and manage your emails from your smartphone
ChopChat icon
Chat with your friends and place hundreds of stickers
Dialer One icon
A multilingual dialer with lots of special features
mTelDialer icon
Make VoIP calls on your smartphone
Connections icon
See notes on your contacts – when they call you
SMS Messages Collection icon
Send thousands of pre-designed messages
Famous! icon
Get famous, virtually
xFace-Facebook Chat icon
Stay in touch via your mobile device with Facebook chat
Caller Locator icon
Find out where unknown numbers are calling you from
ChatXmpp icon
With this tool, you can use Gtalk
BIG! caller ID icon
Set up this app to see images whenever people call you
Desktop Toggles icon
Change your browser's look with just one click
NFC Reader icon
Read tags with NFC technology thanks to this app
Go!Chat Yahoo icon
Use Yahoo Messenger on your smartphone
Sky WiFi icon
Get free WiFi from Sky hotspots
Good icon
A work platform for employees of Good for Enterprise
Jott icon
Talk and share with your contacts in this messaging app
Miss May icon
Express yourself with this collection of stickers for GO SMS Pro
Toost icon
Keep a record of all the numbers that call you
Ultimate Blacklist icon
Stop spam on your smartphone with this call and message blocker
FullScreen Caller ID icon
Create customized call notification screens
VMS icon
Send and receive video messages!
Spoken caller name lite free icon
Have your phone say your caller's name so you don't even need to look
Mo+ icon
Finally, you can call your contacts for free
RedPhone icon
Make secure and encrypted telephone calls
Zemplus icon
Make VoIP calls and manage your dialer
GO SMS Language Spanish icon
Type in Spanish on your GO SMS Pro app
MSNGR icon
Stay in contact with your friends with this messaging app
Super Meme Maker icon
Create fun memes with pictures and text
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