Calendar Apps

Discover the best of Calendar Apps for Android. Download them for free and virus free from Uptodown
Agenda Widget icon
A calendar that syncs with your social networks
Calendar icon
A calendar recommended for residents of Ethiopia
Persian Calendar icon
Check important dates with this Persian calendar
Khmer Lunar Calendar icon
International and lunar calendars in one place
Tamil Calendar icon
A must-have offline calendar
Simple Calendar icon
A practical calendar for all your appointments
Mi Calendar icon
The official calendar app from Xiaomi
IRL - Social Calendar icon
A social calendar so you don't miss a single event
Period Calendar icon
Which days are you fertile? Which days are you not? Find out!
Calendar Storage icon
Manage your calendars on your Samsung device
Samsung Calendar icon
The Samsung device calendar
Google Calendar Sync icon
Sync your Google calendar
Sunrise Calendar icon
Everything that you need from a calendar
Proton Calendar icon
Keep your plans and appointments safer than ever
Business Calendar 2 icon
A comprehensive calendar so you won't forget any events
HTC Calendar icon
Don't miss a beat with this calendar agenda
Odia(Oriya) Calendar icon
An Odisha festival calendar
amma: Pregnancy Calendar icon
A practical and comprehensive pregnancy calendar
DigiCal icon
Build your personal calendar with tons of customizations
Malaysia Calendar icon
The most important dates in Malaysia
Islamic Calendar (Hijri) Free icon
Plan and synchronize your daily routine with the Islamic calendar
Work Shift Calendar icon
Keep track of your work shifts with this calendar
Roster-Calendar icon
Manage your time and work and become more efficient
aCalendar icon
A calendar full of functions
World Holiday Calendar icon
Check the dates of holidays all around the world
My Calendar icon
Keep track of your period with this elegant calendar
Business Calendar icon
The best calendar for business people
Calendar icon
An efficient and highly customizable calendar
Google Calendar icon
Never forget an important date again
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