Protect your privacy

Telegram icon
A fast and - most importantly - secure instant messenger
Signal icon
A really private instant messaging app
Firefox icon
The ever-powerful Firefox is now also available on Android
NordVPN icon
Securely access any content online
Tor Browser icon
An official browser for The Tor Project
DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser icon
A web browser that doesn't save any of your data or search history
ProtonVPN icon
A powerful and free VPN
Orbot: Tor on Android icon
Increase your privacy when browsing from your Android
Bromite icon
A potent Chromium-based browser
ProtonMail icon
A super safe email app
Musicolet icon
A potent yet lightweight music player
Firefox Focus icon
A Firefox browser, with added security
Joplin icon
Take notes any time, any place
NetGuard icon
A sturdy firewall for Android
Blokada icon
An open source ad blocker