Anime Radio icon
J-pop, anime music, Japanese BSOs... all on this radio!
Maple icon
Play MP3s and audiobooks with this tool
BoomCap Music icon
Play your music from the cloud or from your device
Ringtone Architect icon
Create your own ringtones!
Pick-a-Tone icon
Ringtone manager for your smartphone
Top ringtones 2015 icon
Add something special to your mobile device with these ringtones
Audio Glow icon
Exploding colors and musical shapes
Welcome Tones icon
Find the perfect ringtone for your mobile device notifications
Audio Fx Widget icon
Apply equalization effects to your audio files
DJ Party Mixer icon
The life of the party has arrived!
Country Music RADIO icon
Radio stations with country music
LoopStack icon
HQ music recording
Guitar Scales icon
Practice and play the guitar with these scales
Kids Sleep Songs Free icon
Help your kids drift off to sleep with these lullabies
Guitar Heroes icon
Rip those chords and grab max points
Wicca Radio International icon
Wicca spiritual energy on this radio station
Psychedelic Radio Stations icon
An outstanding radio station for psychedelic music
95.5 WPLJ icon
Listen to radio 95.5 WPLJ no matter where you are
FM Nederland icon
The Netherlands' most emblematic radio stations
Chordbot Lite icon
Songwriting tool for putting together arrangements, mixes, and chords
Sound to children sleep icon
Help your baby sleep with these sweet lullabies
RadioTunes icon
Radio stations with the best music from around the world
Raziko icon
Japanese radio stations, now in your pocket
Lullaby for babies icon
Sleep, baby, sleep...
Seagull Sounds icon
Seagull sounds for your smartphone
Rooster Sounds icon
Cock a doodle doo!
Car Music Player icon
Play music while you drive without any distractions
AK47 Simulator icon
Use an AK-47 without shooting any real bullets
MortPlayer Audio Books icon
Listen to all the audiobooks you want
THR Raaga icon
Interesting way to access India's breaking news
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