Internet Of Things. Apps to control your sorroundings.
Pocket RXTX icon
Remotely control your HAM radio
LGEE TV Remoto icon
Keep a remote for your LG TV right on your smartphone
TV Remote 2 icon
A Panasonic VIERA TV remote to use with no trouble
TV Remote Control for Samsung icon
Turn your Android smartphone into a remote control
Popcorn Time Remote icon
Control Popcorn Time directly from your device
BombSquad Remote icon
Use your smartphone like a BombSquad remote control
Eltex Remote icon
A remote control specifically for YouTube
TV Remote Control Pro icon
Control most TVs from your smartphone
HeadSet Controller icon
Manage your headset on your Android device
Salient Eye Remote icon
Control your Salient Eye device remotely from your smartphone
Power Universal Remote Control icon
Turn your Android into a remote control
Universal Remote Controls icon
Control your devices remotely!
TVisted Remote icon
Control your Samsung TV using your Android
Samsung IR - Universal Remote icon
A universal Samsung device control now on your phone
Remote for Apple TV - CiderTV icon
The best alternative remote app for Apple TV
Media Remote (OLD) icon
Remotely control Sony devices
Samsung TV Smart Remote icon
Manage your Samsung TV with this tool
Remote PC Share icon
Remotely share files from your PC
Fibe TV icon
All the programming from Fibe TV and much more
TV remote app icon
Using this remote from your device is a piece of cake
Remote Control icon
Did you lose the TV remote again? No worries!
i-Helicopter icon
Use your smartphone as a remote control to fly your i-Helicopter
RemoteLink icon
Control some features of your car remotely from your device
Remote for VLC icon
Project your videos and control them from a distance