The most comprehensive communication and social apk catalog for Android
11000 Quotes,Sayings & Status icon
Famous, popular, motivational and inspirations phrases
Podio icon
Manage your own projects and collaborate with your team
Smooth icon
Experience the best microblogging with this client
Amharic Tools icon
Type in Amharic on your device
True Contact icon
Find out information about the person calling you
Flitto icon
Collaboration platform for translators
KJV Bible icon
Study the King James Bible by streaming this audio version
ALWAYS know where your loved ones are
Love Poems icon
Poems that will hit any heart with Cupid's arrows
Ameba icon
Stay up to date with Japanese gossip news
Write SMS by voice icon
If you're sick of typing text messages, try dictating them!
EchoLink icon
Connect with radio stations all over the world
MixChannel icon
Share your best moments with short video clips
AdoptaUnTio icon
To hit on or be hit on, that is the question
Talkray icon
Call your friends and send text messages
Wapo icon
A social network to meet guys in the gay community
Newton Mail icon
Complete and powerful mail manager
Automatic Call Recorder icon
Automatically record your calls and listen to them whenever you want
NateON icon
Communicate with your contacts in real time with this messaging app
Google Voice icon
Cheaper international calls
Plume for Twitter icon
A practical and customisable client for Twitter
Handcent SMS icon
The perfect messaging system for Android
Skype icon
The best app for making video calls
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