War of the Ring icon
The first strategy game based on the Lord of the Rings
Blitzkrieg icon
Become a soldier of the Second World War
Fish Tycoon icon
Breed and sell your fish
Trash icon
Humans and Mutants battle for control of the trash
The Battle for Wesnoth icon
Fight for control over your towns
Machines at War icon
Frenetic real time strategy war game
Advanced Strategic Command icon
A turn-based strategy game in a military setting
FreeOrion icon
Turn-based strategy game placed in the space
Bos Wars icon
Free GNU strategy game similar to Age of Empires
Widelands icon
Master the roads in this strategy game
Conquest icon
Conquer the world in this clone of Risk
Glest icon
Choose Tech or Magic and enter this good RTS
Unknown Horizons icon
Real time strategy game focused on resource management
Freecol icon
An Open Source version of Colonization
GunRox icon
Lead your troop and annihilate all your enemies
WormuX icon
Really funny and well designed Worms free version
Freeciv icon
Lead your tribe from Stone age to Space age
Darwinia icon
Save the Darwinians from extinction