A House of Champions icon
Get crowned the best and most powerful knight in the kingdom
Din's Curse icon
The gods have granted you a second chance. See if you can survive!
Laxius Force icon
An epic adventure full of heroes and villains
Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch icon
An outrageous RPG set in a fantasy Internet world
Desktop Dungeons icon
Explore dungeons, kill your enemies and find the treasure
The Spirit Engine 2 icon
Play the role of the good in this incredible adventure
Monster 2 icon
A fun old-school RPG
Eschalon: Book 1 icon
Classic 90s-style role-playing
The Mirror Lied icon
A unique adventure game starring a little girl
Depths of Peril icon
Fight other factions in this strategy RPG
Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale icon
Manage your own shop and go on an adventure
Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark icon
Check if your computer can run Final Fantasy XIV
Regnum Online icon
Fight for your Realm in this new and exciting MMORPG
Conquer Online icon
Enjoy and fight in a mythical environment
The Warriors Tale icon
A fun RPG for old-school lovers of the genre
Lost Labyrinth icon
Spells, dungeons and a bit of action in this RPG
Stendhal icon
A magic and interesting arianne multiplayer RPG
FreeDroidRPG icon
Play as Tux against evil rebel bots
Summoners War: Sky Arena (GameLoop) icon
Enjoy incredible combats in this turn-based RPG
Dislyte (GameLoop) icon
Save this technological universe from evil
Gacha Life (GameLoop) icon
Create your own anime character and get to know a new world
Chronicle of Infinity (Gameloop) icon
Fight battles against celestial alliances
Ragnarok X: Next Generation (GameLoop) icon
Experience the magic of this MMORPG on your PC
League of Legends: Wild Rift (GameLoop) icon
Prove your skills in the king of MOBA