Lonely Knight icon
The adventures of a lone knight
Cypher icon
Platforms, guns and hackers
Ivan Fuckoff icon
Battle to the death against invading aliens
Momodora 2 icon
A little girl's dangerous adventures
Broken Cave Robot icon
Help a poor robot escape from a dungeon
RunMan icon
Run, run, run - and don't you ever stop!
BatMan icon
The pixelated adventures of Batman
Sir Fred El Remake icon
The adventures of the knight, Sir Fred
Moustache King Adventure icon
An adventure that's just for real men
Hydra Castle Labyrinth icon
Enter the castle and kill the hydras
You Have to Win the Game icon
Travel through the past jumping from platform to platform
Under the Garden icon
Can you survive the cold, hard winter?
8bit Adventures with Link icon
A new adventure with Link from The Legend of Zelda
Snowball's Chance icon
A platformer starring a snowball
Full Moon Rising icon
A retro platformer
Isopark icon
A walk in the park? Not exactly.
Another Castle icon
A platform game with role-playing elements
Order of Twilight icon
Platforms, magic, and colorful ponies
Street Fighter X Mega Man icon
Mega Man against the characters from Street Fighter
Endless Forms Most Beautiful icon
A remake of the original platformer for ZX Spectrum
A Flipping Good Time icon
Explore dangerous mines and have a scary ol' time
Epacse icon
Use your powers to escape the premises
Treasure Adventure Game icon
Adventures and A Platform in This Pirate Story
Stealth Bastard icon
Platforms and infiltration with a retro touch
Climb to the Top of the Castle icon
Climb as high as you can!
Dustforce icon
Using a broom has never been so funny
Mechanic Infantry icon
Jump and dodge to rescue your friends
Boondog icon
Escape from all the rooms
Arvoesine icon
Action and Platforms in the Roman Empire
Paroxysm icon
Jump, slide, and survive all of the traps
Takishawa is Dead icon
Psychedelic and difficult platforms
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