Le Gros Million icon
Randomly generate a EuroMillions combination
Quit Counter icon
If you want to give up smoking quit counter will help you
Virtual Christmas Tree icon
Decorate this virtual tree on Google Desktop
AntiSmoke icon
Control the time since you gave up smoking
Clippy icon
Great parody of the Microsoft Help Assistant
Comicazzi icon
Wake up your PC with the best humour over internet
Contabilidad Domestica icon
Manage your family finances like a pro
CD Bank cataloguer icon
Control your cds with this application
Scratch 1 icon
Organize your notes in no time
Calgoo icon
Enjoy your Google Calendar on your desktop
Gestion de Alquileres icon
Rental management and billing
WXTide icon
Know the state of the tides in every part of the world
RomanNumbers icon
Do you know how to write Roman Numbers?
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