OS components

Shell icon
Powerful context menu manager for Windows File Explorer
AlomWare Reset icon
Restart your PC in a twinkle
Folder Usage icon
Analyze your files importance and delete the ones you don't need
Right Click Enhancer icon
Modify what your mouse's right click does
HotShut icon
Useful and easy-to-use app to shut down, restart or hibernate Windows
ModernMix icon
Run Metro applications on your traditional desktop
Mouse Hunter icon
Improve the use of the mouse wheel
StartW8 icon
The start button returns to Windows
Classic Start 8 icon
Recover the classic start button in Windows 8
Start8 icon
Do you want the start button back?
MiCoRuta icon
Easily copy file and folder paths
TabExplorer icon
Add tabs to your Windows file explorer
AeroRainbow icon
Change the color of your windows often
AeroBlend icon
Match your desktop colors
Nyan Cat Progress Bar icon
The famous poptart cat on your progress bar
HydraMouse icon
Assign functions to mouse buttons
Just Gestures icon
Perform any action on your computer with mouse gestures
eXtended Task Manager icon
An extended version of the Windows task manager
Dacris Benchmarks icon
Test your computer performance when doing any task
Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker icon
Automatically click
Remote Process Explorer icon
Easily manage all of your computer's processes
SE-TrayMenu icon
Open up programs quickly from your task bar
Fingertips icon
An application to run applications and load websites faster
Anvir Task Manager icon
Full-featured task manager with many interesting features
Taskbar Thumbnail Tweaker icon
Change the size of Windows 7 taskbar thumbnails
VIA 4-in-1 Driver icon
Do you have a VIA circuit board? These are your drivers
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