Notes / Appointments

My Life Organized icon
A simple task organiser
ReminderFox icon
Useful to-do list for Firefox
Workrave icon
Avoid risks at work by planning your rests
Task Coach Portable icon
GNU assistant to organize your to-do list
Two-Click Reminder icon
Remember all of your pending tasks using these notifications
Notepad Replacer icon
Change the default Windows notepad
Chronometask icon
Schedule tasks on your PC using a timer
Task Scheduler icon
A simple app that reminds you of your tasks
Desktop Clock icon
What time is it?
NoteClip icon
Take notes easily!
ResophNotes icon
A simple note manager with online synchronization
Chrometa icon
Manage your time more efficiently and in the cloud
Tomboy icon
Have an idea? Jot it down on your desktop
Notes icon
A simple and easy-to-use notes manager
OrangeNote icon
Take notes in different styles depending on the event
AM-Notebook icon
Take notes and create events in this calendar
A Note icon
Access your notes from different computers
Qlock icon
Know the time anywhere on the planet
Dynamic Notes icon
Virtual sticky notes for your to-do lists
Reminder Commander icon
A simple option for remembering your appointments and tasks
Efficient Sticky Notes icon
Use virtual post-it notes on your Windows desktop
GMinder icon
Get Google Calendar alerts on your desktop
CintaNotes icon
Simple note store to put things in order
ThinkingRock icon
Apply the GTP method and enhance your productivity
Task Coach icon
GNU application to keep track of personal tasks and to-do lists icon
Cross-platform GTD task manager with cloud integration
Freebie Notes icon
Say bye to those yellow papers surrounding your office