Messenger Pictures Auto icon
Change the display picture of WLM automatically
MSN Pictures Displayer icon
Slide Show all your photos as your MSN avatar
vEmotion icon
Add voice and sound effects to your voice conversations
Avalon Concept icon
Excellent application to modify Messenger Interface
LiveContactsView icon
Extract information from your messenger contacts
Messenger 10th Anniversary Pack icon
Messenger celebrates its 10th anniversary with a bunch of gifts
xTimer icon
Plan actions with this timer for messenger
MSN E-Fix icon
Solve your Messenger connection problems
Windows 7 Skin icon
Enjoy WLM with the next generation look
MessengerDiscovery Live icon
Add new features to MSN Messenger
WLMUninstaller icon
Uninstall Windows Live Messenger quickly and easily
ZapMessenger icon
Get rid of any messenger installed on your system
MessengerLog icon
Record your messenger conversations
ChatPatrol icon
Add security to your MSN and Yahoo chat sessions