Keyboard Sounder icon
Assign fun sounds to the keyboard keys
Cubedesktop icon
Convert your Windows Vista desktop into a cube
8start Launcher icon
All your applications at your fingertips
DExposE2 icon
Imitate the behavior of Mac's window organizer
Shock Desktop 3D icon
Enjoy 3D experience within your desktop
Start Killer icon
Get rid of the Start button on the taskbar
DESKonTOP icon
Access desktop icons from the system tray
Napalm icon
Play with fire on the desktop
Shock 4Way 3D icon
3D transition and four virtual desktops
Xpy icon
Total control on your Windows system
Magic Lens Max icon
A magnifying glass with endless ways to magnify your screen
Stick icon
Create shortcut tabs in your desktop
Photo Stacker icon
Generate wallpapers featuring your digital photos
Aero Shake icon
Minimize windows shaking them as in windows Seven
GigAlarm icon
Schedule alerts for when an important date approaches
360desktop icon
New desktop concept based on 360º views
LAVClock icon
Substitute Windows' clock for an astrological one
uvLayer icon
View youTube videos like never before
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