ImageToMp3 icon
Add a picture to the id3 tags of your mp3 files
Twister MP3 icon
Direct music downloads
CDRipper icon
Easily rip your audio Cds and search for their info
CD Art Display icon
Display the cover of the song you're listening to on your desktop
3PM Kabalin icon
Use your PC like a digital jukebox
Easypodcast icon
Easily generate your podcast in seconds
BeatHarness icon
Give color and movement to your audio files
Sony Super Duper Music Looper XPress icon
Creating your own songs will be a pleasure
Metronome icon
A metronome for your PC
Fx Audio Tools icon
An useful audiotools pack
Sockso icon
Let your friends listen to your favorite music
Jukes icon
Manage your entire music collection on your PC
Volumouse icon
Control the volume of your PC with the mouse wheel