Hymn of the Sands icon
Diablo-style role-playing and action in ancient Egypt
Moments of Paranoia icon
One of the people in the room is not as they seem
My Only icon
A story of love and death
Pillage Rush icon
An unlucky viking needs help
Wilhem's Escape icon
Wilhem is trapped in a room full of dangers
Super Mario Eclipse icon
An eclipse in the mushroom kingdom
Midgard Saga icon
Strategy and role-playing with a touch of Norse mythology
Excavatorrr 2 icon
Dig as deep as you can and get all the gold
Ice icon
Add games from any console to your Steam client
Artilerry F icon
A Metroidvania starring a girl with magic powers
Remaddening icon
Endless running, impossible jumps, and psychedelia
FarSky icon
Simulate submarine exploration
The Unknown icon
Terror in the depths of the earth
Infinity Random Race icon
Racing vehicles that can turn into robots
Project FPTD icon
A violent first person tower defense game
Micronations icon
Build a 3D city
Crusade icon
All the best game characters are here in this MUGEN fighter
Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag 2 icon
Fight with characters from Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi
GTA IV: San Andreas icon
San Andreas is back to life in GTA IV
Derez [infinite] icon
A race to the death against low definition
Everything Went Better than Expected icon
A party where anything that could go wrong, does goes wrong
The End of the World - Remake icon
A Resident Evil/Silent Hill combo in 2D
The Bum icon
A traditional adventure starring a crazy bum
Royal Match icon
Exercise and improve your memory with this card game
Fire Point icon
You are a firefighter: put out the fire and rescue people in danger
Moirai icon
A woman has disappeared. Can you find out what happened to her?
The Thing 2 icon
The un-official instalment of the film The Thing
The Consuming Shadow icon
The world will be submerged in darkness - escape!
The Old Man and the NSA icon
An old fisherman versus the NSA
Super Steering Wheel Man icon
The story of a desperate steering wheel salesman
Twigs icon
Defend this couple of beavers
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