Multicalc icon
Powerful calculator with hexadecimal converter
DocCF-Software Gestion Escolar icon
Excellent tool for managing any education centre
PrimeNumbers icon
Check if a number is prime in just a second
Nar Dictionary icon
Translate words from and to different languages in a snap
Phun icon
Experience physics in a funny way
Abscissatron icon
A large polynomial equation solver
Magic Whiteboard icon
An excellent application for drawing together
ieSpell icon
Check all your text inputs automatically
MathCast icon
Easily create and edit equations
KKuentas icon
Math operations for the first years of school
Abby icon
Convert between different units of measure
GooReader icon
Searching and shelving for Google Books
Keyboard Explorer icon
Learn how to use all the functions on your keyboard
Calculator NET icon
Excellent scientifc calculator for your computer
MathRapid icon
Fun mental calculations game
AyudaMates icon
Get results by simulating complex mathematical operations
MecaNet.Collection icon
A collection of typing lessons from MecaNet
MecaNet Core icon
Learn to type faster
MecaNet icon
Improve your speed with this typing course
MecaNet Keyboard icon
You still write using two fingers? Learn typing now!