WordPoint icon
Translate any word to the language you want
Textos de Unamuno icon
The collected works of Unamuno
AnalyticMath icon
Elaborate mathematical formulas easily
EdiLim icon
Quality environment for creating educational books
Triangulos icon
Learn to solve and construct triangles
Lingoes icon
Join all your diccionaries together into a single applictaion
Transmiti icon
A translator that integrates itself with all your programs
Google Translate Client icon
Translate any text using Google translator
Legis icon
Quick reference for Spanish legislation
Magic Translator icon
Translate text into any language with just a click
TICAS icon
Computational algebra software for your PC
Esqueleto 3D icon
Explore the bones of the human skeleton in 3D
Coloring Book 9 Little Monsters icon
Remember those long afternoons in front of a coloring book
Plaphoons icon
Communicate more easily with people who have disabilities
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