PyMOL icon
Display molecular models for scientific projects
Calculator NET icon
Excellent scientifc calculator for your computer
Typing Test TQ icon
How fast can you type? Try yourself
Typing Invaders icon
Learn typing by playing Space Invaders
10 Finger BreakOut icon
Improve your typings skills while playing Arkanoid
Insect Identification Guide icon
Do you know what insect you have in front of you
3D Geometrical Objects icon
The perfect complement for teaching math
Multiplication Flash icon
Help the kids with their multiplication tables
Limix Suite icon
A collection of math apps
Solar System 3D Simulator icon
Analyze the trajectory of the planets with this simulator
MecanArt icon
Typing for beginners: A basic crash course
Quimica icon
Evaluate your & your students' ability to solve chemical equations
Caperucita Roja icon
Learn to read and write with the story of Little Red Riding Hood
Puss in Boots icon
Interact with Puss in Boots and his story
HotDog Junior icon
Web design for children
WordPoint icon
Translate any word to the language you want
Abacux-Turbo icon
All-in-one calculator, calendar, and converter
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