Access Denied XP icon
Protect your Windows login
PC TimeWatch icon
Limit how other people can use your PC
Criptod icon
Protect your files and folders with just one click
Super Ad Blocker icon
Neutralize any type of unwanted advertising
Sys Blocked icon
Password-protect your PC
ParentalControl Bar icon
Stop your kids from accessing adult-content websites
HostsMan icon
Protect your system and, incidentally, speed up your connection
SentryPC icon
One of the most effective ways to control the use of your PC
Nessus icon
Inspect any network vulnerability
Laptop Alarm icon
Keep robbers away from your laptop
Amigo Control Parental icon
Control what your kids do on the computer
CD-DVD Lock icon
Hide drives or limit access to them
Access Controller icon
Lock your computer when you have to leave
MJ Registry Watcher icon
Protect the Windows Registry
Time Boss icon
Control the use of your computer
MRT Lock icon
Block your computer to keep anyone from using it
WinGuard icon
Password protect your folders, programs or webs
Deskman SE icon
Protect your computer by restricting access to its contents
Easy File and Folder Protector icon
Limit access to files and folders according to the time of day
WEBlocker icon
Block any webpage that's inappropriate for kids