Grey Phobia icon
Shooting and machetes in black and white
X-Plane icon
Accurate reproduction of flying airplanes
Funny platform game with vintage look
Toribash icon
A futuristic wrestling game with terrifying holds
MahJong Suite icon
A suite of single player Mahjong games
Game Salad icon
Game creation for the web starting from templates
Game Dev Tycoon icon
Take your very own video game company to the top
GNU Backgammon icon
Learn to play Backgammon in 2D or 3D
Torus Games icon
Test your mental abilities with this game package
Revenge of the Titans icon
Defend your planet against invaders
Ley Lines icon
Tons of action and platforms in a deadly pyramid
Halloween icon
Horror and death courtesy of Michael Myers
Streemerz 2 icon
An action-packed platformer with a sense of humor