Action & Adventures

Vera Blanc: Full Moon icon
You are an investigator with overnatural skills
Planet Horse icon
Do you want to ride a horse?
Captain Brawe: A Brawe New World icon
Spacial trips and adventures for all
Streemerz 2 icon
An action-packed platformer with a sense of humor
Funny platform game with vintage look
Zombilution icon
Control the zombie horde and kill all survivors
Penumbra: Black Plague icon
Experience the real terror and escape from It
Scorched3D icon
Stunning 3D graphics for a great action game
Balour icon
Multiplayer 3D tank game
Lego Star Wars icon
Star Wars starred by Lego figures
Tomb Raider Anniversary icon
Lara Croft is back. Celebrate it!
Vega Strike icon
Enjoy this futuristic 3D battle in the space
Tremulous icon
An online bloody battle between humans and alien
AssaultCube icon
Multiplayer Online Shooter game for free
Sauerbraten icon
Cube sequel with new graphics engine
Dofus icon
An stunning and successful MMORPG that will captivate you