Rare Ideas


TeamViewer Portable icon
Remote control tool to access your desktop
TreeSize Free Portable icon
Figure out which files take up the most space on your hard drive
Smart Defrag Portable icon
Defrag your hard drive securely
Autoruns Portable icon
Find out which programs run at startup
AIMP Portable icon
The portable version of this powerful audio player
Regshot Portable icon
Control any changes on your system registry
Balabolka Portable icon
Read written texts outloud in the voice of your choosing
WinMTR Portable icon
Combine tracert and ping with this network diagnostic tool
IrfanView Portable icon
Enjoy your photos with this powerful viewer
KVIrc Portable icon
Access your networks through an IRC at any time
TweetDeck Portable icon
Manage your Twitter accounts in a comfortable and flexible way
USB Sudoku Portable icon
Play Sudoku without installing anything
Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Portable icon
Complete icon editor for your computer
fre:ac Portable icon
Extract and convert audio from any CD