Kabam Games, Inc.


Marvel Contest of Champions icon
The most epic battles in the universe
TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight icon
Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons, and Maximals -- they're all here
Disney Mirrorverse icon
Join Disney characters in the fight against chaos
Heroes of Camelot icon
Card-based role-playing and strategy set in Camelot
Shop Titans icon
Create and run your own store that caters to adventurers
Fast and Furious 6: The Game icon
The official 'Fast and the Furious' game
Marvel Realm of Champions icon
Classic Marvel superheroes back in action in this flashy RPG
Fast and Furious: Legacy icon
The official video game for Furious 7
Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle icon
Claim your throne in this strategy-based game
Underworld icon
An MMORPG where you run an organized crime ring
Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth icon
The official Android game of The Hobbit movie
Wartune icon
The Hall of Heroes is waiting for you
Lord of the Rings: Legends icon
Lead your own Fellowship of The Ring and fight for Middle Earth
The Hunger Games: Panem Rising icon
The official Hunger Games: Mockingjay video game
Star Wars: Uprising icon
The first official game from the new trilogy
Kings of the Realm icon
Create an empire and govern other players
Blastron icon
An epic, turn-based battle between robots!
Spirit Lords icon
Become the first Spirit Lord in 1,000 years
This Means WAR! icon
A strategy game with large-scale, modern battles
Metal Skies icon
Intense aerial battles in first person
Creature Academy icon
Collect hundreds of different creatures
Divine Might icon
Strategy, battles, and a fantastical world await you
Arcane Empires icon
Strategy and empire-building in a steampunk world