Sea Battle 2 icon
Defeat your enemy on the high seas by sinking his fleet
jeu de faritany icon
Connecting the dots on grid paper that will remind you of school
Sea Battle icon
Play battleships just like you would in school
Alchemy Animals icon
Combine different elements to create animals!
Doodle Alchemy icon
Create hundreds of elements from just four
Doodle Basketball 2 icon
I'm bored, let's play basketball!
TicTacToe icon
Try to make a row of X's or O's!
Doodle Basketball icon
Shoot baskets and win doodles...points, that is
Battleship icon
A traditional Battleship game with the esthetics of a school notebook
Plane icon
An air battle game with impressive graphics
Zombies icon
Can you survive this ruthless zombie attack?