OneNote icon
The most comprehensive notepad available, courtesy of Microsoft
Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers icon
Smart watch with automatic alarms
Bigcash: Earn Money & Free Gift Cards icon
Save money on your transactions!
Arrive - Package Tracker icon
Track all of your orders
Memory Games icon
Train and develop your higher psychological functions
Smart Dictionary icon
English-Arabic dictionary, with other languages included
Area Calculator icon
Calculate areas on the map
CheBanca icon
Notifications, income, and transactions with CheBanca!
Ders Çalışma Programı icon
Prepare for your exam without wasting any time
File Manager + icon
An incredible file manager with tons of options
eReader Prestigio icon
Read books and PDF documents on your Android
Arabic to Spanish Translator icon
A translation tool for Arabic and Spanish
HP Print Service Plugin icon
Print documents from your Android
Mufti Menk Audio App icon
Listen to the word of Mufti Menk with this app
Common Core icon
What academic program and classes are offered this year at school?
Bharitya Kanooni Dharaa icon
Lots of information about India in Hindi
The countdown calendar. icon
A calendar that counts down the days
Collect by WeTransfer icon
Send photos and videos online
PayAnywhere icon
Send and receive payments with all kinds of credit cards
Polaris Office icon
Work with Office documents directly in the cloud
Memsource icon
Work on your translation projects from your Android device
Learn Arabic Easly with Lessons icon
A convenient way to learn Arabic
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