Hole Parkour 2D icon
Go through the different levels with your jumping ball
Sboy World Adventure Boy Moro icon
Jump on the platforms, dodging obstacles until you reach the finish line
Banana Kong Blast icon
Fly from barrel to barrel and gather all the bananas
FastAds icon
Earn some extra cash with this app
Beat all the levels to escape from the jungle
Arslan browser icon
A browser that adapts to your needs
SquareJumper2 icon
Jump across steep cliffs to test your skills
SquareJumper icon
Help this square avoid the obstacles
Astra icon
Jump from planet to planet and traverse space
Super Mustache icon
A 2D platformer set in space
Cattch icon
2D platforms in a world of wild cubes
Amazing Thief icon
The most skilled thief in the entire world
Adventure Time Blind Finned icon
Follow Finn and Jake on their next adventure
Dark Lands icon
A dark, dangerous 2D world
Wind-up Knight 2 icon
A knight in search of adventure
Treemaker icon
A platformer where nature is your friend
Motoheroz icon
Platforms behind the wheel of a 4x4