Oddway International icon
Detailed information on the most important medications
Meditation And Relax Radio Free icon
Create the best ambiance for your meditation with the perfect music
Doteli Fidget Spinner icon
Turn your smartphone into the ultimate Fidget Spinner
Beauty Tips icon
Get healthy and feel more beautiful with these tips
The Reiki Channel Free icon
Discover a meditation therapy that will change your life
Greek Gossips icon
Access Greek gossip magazines from your phone
RazenDev Quit Smoking icon
Give up smoking with a little support
Relaxing Sounds for Me icon
Relaxing sounds for any situation
Nomie icon
Keep track of everything that happens in your life
Tips for weight-loss icon
Tricks to help you lose weight
La muerte y los niños icon
An app to talk about death with little ones
StartSleep icon
Solve your insomnia with music
Brainwave-calm, stress relief icon
Sync your brainwaves and live a better life
AppYet Health icon
Stay in shape with the latest health news
Scanner X-ray icon
Use your smartphone to see inside your most gullible friends
Monitor Heart Rate icon
Take your pulse with your smartphone
Maybe Baby icon
The easiest and most fun way to manage your cycle
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